Author Applications Coming Soon

Hello KIS Class of 2017,

Ken here.

If you look at the sidebar beside this post, there is a text box titled ‘The Crew”. Currently, it looks like this:

Head Administrator: Ken
Blog Secondary Administrator:
Forum Secondary Administrator:
Facebook Secondary Administrator:
Homework Tips Master:
Application Suggester:
Application Suggester:
KIS News Reporter:
Graphics Designer:

I’m going to explain them a bit today.

The admins are pretty straightforward. Because I’m a dictator like Hitler, I’ve placed myself right into Head Admin, which means I oversee all the class sites, such as the Calendar, the Chat, the Forum, the Blog, and the Facebook. However, we do have some more specific titles, such as Blog Secondary Admin, Forum Secondary Admin, and Facebook Secondary Admin. These admins will be more specific in taking care of each site.

Homework Tips Master, Application Suggester, and Graphics Designer are related only to this blog. Which means that they are what you would call ‘columnists’ or ‘reporters’. Well, the Homework Tips Master suggest tips on homework, the two Application Suggesters suggest on computer programs that can help on doing homework, the KIS News Reporter reports on news in KIS, and the Graphics Designer designs the blog graphics.

Voting for who will be doing what, is coming soon.


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