Authors…. NEEDED!!!!!!

These are author jobs that are opened:

KIS News Reporter (1)

Homework Tips Master (1)

Quote of the Week Person (1) (I did this week’s quotes, but I want someone else to do it :mrgreen: ).

Applications Suggester Mint has this spot

The Clown (finds weekly jokes and comics) (1)

Random Facts Writer I HAVE THIS SPOT

 Weekly Music Reviewer Jacky has this spot (first comes, first serves!)

Technician. You reply to people when they have technical problems on Facebook, WordPress, the Forum, or the Calendar. basically the expert on All Things Techy. You also post stuff that many people have trouble on. 😀

Jobs that aren’t authors:

-Facebook Group Secondary Admin (Although only Serena applied on the last post, I think that it’s not because no one wants this job, it’s more of no one cared to comment/no one saw the post. Therefore, I’m opening up the spot again, and if no one applies, Serena has it. And stop complaining if in the end Serena does have it). 

-Forum Secondary Moderator. Although no one actually knows about this website at (NO ‘OF’), it’s a forum/discussion board, and we need a moderator to help moderate the forum posts.

If you are interested, then please  COMMENT on this post with the following details:

1) What’s your name?

2) What job are you applying for?

3) Why do you think you’re good for this job?

4) On a scale of 1-10, how often do you think you can post?

5) What is your favorite donut?

6) Insert an annoyingly smart reply to this picture:

FIRST COMES FIRST SERVE. (Except for the admins, for that we’ll have an election because our class is a Democratic Republic).


Eater of waffles


6 thoughts on “Authors…. NEEDED!!!!!!

  1. 1) Ken
    2) Random Fact Writer
    3) Because 1. I’m the admin 2. I want to write about lots of stuff like sarcasm and Julius Caesar
    4) 9
    5) I started a long time ago. HA!

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  3. 1) Paan
    2) Author
    3) Cuz 1) Im the class clown 2) Im cool 3) Im awesome 4) Im the best.
    4) 7
    5) Daddy Dough
    6) I eat waffles and raffles(haha).

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