EVEN MORE SITES: Twitter and YouTube!

Hello everyone!

The Class of 2017 Happiness and Innovation team has just unveiled 2 NEW WEBSITES: The KIS Class of 2017 Twitter and YouTube. Because I’m lazy like that, I won’t post the link on this post (MUA HA HA HA), and I’ll let you click on the buttons yourself. You should be able to find it, it’s near the header.

Why do we need a Twitter?

At first, I didn’t know. But no site network would be complete without a Twitter, right?

Well, the Twitter will be used as a one-stop place for new homework news, updated daily. I might get someone to do it for me because 1. I’m already updating the calendar and 2. I already administrate the whole network.

Whart* about the YouTube?

*The ‘r’ in the ‘whart’ is put in purpose. I hope Indy won’t get too sick because of this. :mrgreen:

Well, the YouTube is pretty self-explanatory in itself. It is used to post videos of our class. Have a nice cute little video? Send it in!

All for now,



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