INDY: The First Class President

Ken’s Update: 3 people have said that Indy should not be President. If 2 more people agree, then a new election will be held. Another way is to vote in this poll. Do not vote twice.

Hello everyone!

Recently, I had created a post on Facebook asking for people to nominate themselves as Class President. Only one person commented. Therefore, that person is now appointed as President. That person is:


Aka Jacky’s beloved son.

These are the jobs of the President:

President: The President is an elected person from our class. He/she is the person who manages the rules, looks at new things the class might need, and is (usually) the leader in whole-class stuff. Presidents are elected every 3 months. The President must help people out online. He can decide to do anything he wants, unless all the moderators and admins (currently Serena, Pat, and me) decide against it, or 10 people disagree.

Congratulate him.



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