Elections for a New President!

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Hello everyone,

Indy has been demoted to Vice President.


Well, look at the poll results:

6 out of 9 people thinks Indy is not OK as President. Therefore, he has been demoted to Vice President (it’s a bit mean to take him out completely).

This means we need a new President.

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President Nominations

The President of KIS Class of 2017 is in charge of making sure the moderators, admins, and authors do their work, and that the rules are good and updated. They should also be creating wonderful new things for the class.

Do you want to run as President?

Here is a list of people who have nominated themselves:




If you would like to nominate yourself, please comment on this post, answering these questions:

1. What is your name?

2. How long have you been in KIS?

3. Why do you think you’re good for this job?

4. Insert a smart reply to this picture:

That’s all,


Behold… the Power of Ice Cream.


9 thoughts on “Elections for a New President!

  1. Mint
    i dunno. arrived in K1
    Because i don’t do much stuff bad. I am more “Mature” than Indy also.
    Suck a waffle, nyan cat. I’m The real, not you faker.
    Added! ~Ken

  2. My name is beam
    Am am 12 years old
    my hobby is playing games
    I like jokes
    if I am the class pres., I’ll make class of 2017 be full of smiles until I leave the school(the end of term 1 for sure) 🙂
    Added! ~Ken

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