What’s Going to Happen to the Exhibition Blogs

Hello everyone,

If you were here in Grade 5 with everyone last year, you would know that we made (but didn’t finish in time for the exhibition) the Exhibition blogs.

They were:

Environmental Conflicts Exhibition Blog: http://environmentalconflicts.wordpress.com

Social Conflicts Exhibition Blog: http://socialconflicts.wordpress.com

Political Conflicts Exhibition Blog: http://politicalconflicts.wordpress.com

Well, guess what? I think that we should finish them off. We should add information, in detail, about all the conflicts. After all, we have the knowledge, and it’s a bit of a shame not to share them. 

Say, the exhibition was a nice thing to have, but we only got to a small audience. Let’s create a site that will be in Google search!

What do you think?


“And I thought we had a lot of school homework already…”


Hai, what's your thought?

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