New app for comic writers.

Love to write comics but you decided it wastes SO MUCH TIME? well, you can at least scan your pictures and place them in a comic frame. Want that? then DOWNLOAD COMIC LIFE! (I have it already.)

Comic life is like a frame, where you can make your own comic strip frames, and place pictures and speech bubbles on them to make it look PROFESSIONAL-ER than manual ones.
Start off with a blank page.

Then you can change the page size if you want by going to File>Page format

Then after you got your size, (I’m going to use A4 size to show you)
You can make frames. Frames is for what you want your comic to look like. choose your frames here. If you are too lazy to make a frame, click the arrow (see picture, green box) and then choose one of the following (See in picture, Blue box) or if you want to make a original frame, choose the drag and drop option.(See picture, red circle) Don’t worry! you can edit your frames later.

OK after that it should look something like this: (i was in a hurry, so it looked rather scruffy.)

Then add pictures in from the “explorer.” find your files and Drag and drop them in the boxes you want! Then add the speech bubbles, from here:

Finally, customize your speech bubbles to make them bigger, words smaller or bigger, and move the arrow to where you want it. TA DA! A comic! (It should look something like this, or YOU FAILED)


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