Want a ANIMATED News banner?

Ken: No need to do any of this kind of stuff, just use http://picasion.com . And Mint, I said don’t touch the Widgets settings unless you ask me first. It has some stuff that I’m too lazy to redo on there. 

Mint: Hey, the people out there can’t touch the widgets, and they don’t know how to write a HTML code to link it to their page/blog.

Ken: Except for Serena, everyone has access to the Widgets settings on their own blogs. And writing HTML link codes is very easy; teaching takes much less time than doing everything for them.

Check out the News/Banners on the side bar, and see the “Pokemon fan clubs one”. It’s ANIMATED! and when you click on it, it takes you to the blog right away! Want a animated, more exciting way to broad cast your banner? Well, contact Mint for more information!

AWESOME stuff:

– Choose size: 100×100, 125×125 or even 300×300!!

– As many animated pictures as you want.

– Choose tempo! fast or slow!

And all this is FREE! Just email me, at ssukhanindr@gmail.com

or comment on this post.


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