Notes: I updated the sidebar a bit. Mint, the “Pokemon Fan Clubs” banner has been moved down to the bottom of the site (the footer area). You can add more websites on there if you want.

Mint: You said not to touch the sidebar OR ELSE.

Ken: And I just said that you can add more websites to the FOOTER area, not the sidebar.

Hello everyone,

Yes, you read that right. I am hosting a blog design contest.

CONTEST: You must design a blog for an environment organization. The blog that fits the theme of ‘nature’ and ‘environment’ and ‘Earth’, and looks nice, is easy to read, and looks awesome, wins. 

Note that you don’t need to puit in “environmental-friendly” content, we just want the design.

Here are the rules.


BLOGGING PLATFORMS you are allowed to use are:


-WordPress (self hosted)



You can use an existing blog, or create a new blog.


Just comment on this post that you want to join, and start designing your blog! When you are done, email the link of the blog to ken.lohatepanont@gmail.com . The latest that you can send submissions in is Friday, June 2nd.


On Friday June 2nd, I will post all of the blog links. Everyone will have a chance to look at the blogs and vote for the best. The person with the most votes win.


-Your blog screenshot on the “Showcase” page forever

-Your name on the “Hall of Fame” page forever, under the title of “Winner of 1st Blog Design Contest”

-Candy.. maybe?


OK, that’s it! Be ready, get set, decorate!



Hai, what's your thought?

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