Our New Slogan | Proof that We’re Not Lame

Hello everyone!

Now that Final Exams are over, classes are slowing down, P&P Day becomes an excuse for classes to be missed, and work isn’t really crashing down on us anymore, it’s time to have some fun!

First, I’ll introduce our new slogan:

We’re Pure Awesomeness.

Yes, that is our new slogan, and there’s no doubt about it. Even though we might be called ‘lame’ and ‘boring’ and ‘nerdy’, we all know deep down that we’re not 😆 .


We need to prove that we’re pure awesomeness, not pure lame.


During the Term Break we’ll start having some plans about how to get a go at becoming the most awesome class in the whole school and on G7 we’ll do the plans.

So, here are some brainstorms about what we can do:

-Participate (we all know about that but we just don’t do it)

-Create something fantastic (that sounds easy!)

-Get famous (and rich… huh?)

-Do something good to the world

Comment with your ideas!


Remember: Wє’яє Pυяє Aωєѕσмєηєѕѕ. 


Hai, what's your thought?

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