Publish Your Short Story!


1. Send your short story to

2. Sit back, drink cola, and eat chips.


-You can send in more than 1 short story.

-Not assessed but grammar is still lovely to proofread for.

HI GUYS! This is mint, and i am also forming a book, (Not for LA English though…) please, if you guys want, send me your poems, and i will form them into a book, and actually sell them!!!

Instructions (Same as above:)


1. Send your short story to

2. Copy and paste your poem into the email, and click send. (OR if you send multiple poems, you can just save it as a .odp file and attach it to the email.)


-You can send in more than 1 poem 

– you can use the ones you used/made during the “My poetry folio” unit

-Has to be about nature

Ken: Good idea, but I’ve already thought about it yesterday, so a bit too slow 😉 . Anyway, the reason I didn’t publish this idea was that: 1. How are you going to divide the money?

2. We don’t have enough poems

3. The ‘has to be about nature’ part makes lots of poems unusable.

I would say that we wait until we get better at writing poetry and have more poems, then publish a book.















5 thoughts on “Publish Your Short Story!

  1. Can I add my short story too???
    Larissa (BTW my short stroy kinda sucks so you might not want it to be in your book).

    • Hai,
      The idea is that it’s a CLASS OF 2017 Productions, so no matter how much you think it likes using straws (which I don’t think so), it can be in the book.


  2. Guys, you can both write your story again, if you want. I mean re-write your story to fix the errors, or just write a new story. Happy writing!

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