Tons of Blog Updates


I’ve made tons of blog updates today, and although most of them are simply cosmetic, there are a few new pages and things.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the site navigation bar at the top has become a lot thinner. (We don’t like fat things.) That’s because tons of pages that are either 1. Unimportant or 2. Unpopular were moved into the ‘More’ pages section.

Nothing too complicated there.

The second thing you may notice is the disappearance of the “Emails” page. This is because it has been moved into a subpage of another page called “Directory”. If you look there you’ll also see that there are other pages, such as “Facebooks”, “Twitters”, “Skypes”, “Blogs”, and “WordPresses”. Right now most of the pages are still empty, but I’ll fill them in later.

The sidebars and footer areas have also been updated. No screenshot, check for yourself.

I’ll post again when the Directory pages have been updated.





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