Information for Directory Page Needed!!

[Copied from Facebook Post]:

I’m going to have a big big big update to the Directory page, which means that all the individual pages under it (Email, Blogs, Skypes, etc…) is going to be cleared out. And so, I need YOU to comment on this post with all the following details (if you don’t have something, like Twitter, just say ” I don’t have one”.

1. Your name
2. Your normal email
3. Your school email
4. Your WordPress account’s email
5. Your Twitter
6. Your YouTube Channel name
7. Your Skype
8. Your Blog
9. Your favorite food

Everyone that comments will be promoted, in the ranks, from Citizen right to Staff Sergeant.


One thought on “Information for Directory Page Needed!!

  1. 1. Por
    4. Not sure. Probably number 2. email.
    5. I don’t have one
    6. Nope. I don’t find creating a Youtube account useful.(I don’t have one)
    7. You should know by now that I don’t do any social networking. (I don’t have one)
    8. What would I need a blog for?(I don’t have one, either)
    9. Probably ice cream. Either chocolate or raspberry. (Do I look like the kind of person who would have a favorite food to you?)

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