UNSCHEDULED Chat Gaming Party!

Calling all KIS2017 sailors upon deck!

OK, I was just kidding, you aren’t a sailor. Or maybe you are 😆 .

Well, if you guys are getting bored or something, get on xat.com/KISClassof2017 and start having some Gaming parties! (make sure someone goes with you though, it’s no fun playing “Find 4” by yourself.)

Here were some pictures of yesterday’s unscheduled gaming party.

4 people on, but Mint went off early. :mrgreen:

Better luck next time Rajat 😉 .

Another intense game of Find 4.

To play a game with someone, click on Games at the left sidebar, choose a game, and private chat someone. When they also get into the game, start playing!


P.S. Don’t play chess. Me and Pat already tried during the beta testing eras of the chat 😉 .




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