App of the Week: Microsoft Office Online


If you’re awesome and want something funny and nice to read then you would click read more. If you’re a boring person who likes playing around with equations such as

Then you probably won’t read this.

OK, so if you’re the first type of person I mentioned, click Read More now. 😉

The app of the week is

Microsoft Office Online!

So, say, you got a new computer.

But… when you are about to open Microsoft Office, it says:

Which is kinda useless considering that you need to use your typing software forever.

But now, you can buy a ‘ghost CD” (aka fake software):

No, แผ่นผี isn’t like that. But you get it, right? But as we saw in IT class, we shouldn’t use fake software. But…

You don’t like OpenOffice (because you are software-ist.)

But look at MS Office’s price:

That’s nearly as expensive as a computer. 😛

Then, you can use Microsoft Office Online.

First, sign in to your Hotmail account, and click on Skydrive. You’ll see something kinda like this (except that I started using mine a bit)

Say, you want to create a new PowerPoint. You go to Create: and click on to the red PowerPoint logo. You’ll be took to the PowerPoint page, where you can change themes, and do stuff.

Play around!



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