How to Play Find Four on Xat | Tournament Rules


This is a tutorial for the upcoming KIS Class of 2017 First Annual Find Four Tournament. (Gee long name!)

1st: Go on

2nd: Look at the brackets (will be released soon) for the person you will play with. Private Chat that person. To do that, click on the person’s name, and click Private Chat.

3rd. Once you have private chatted that person, click on “Games”. It’s on the left side of the chat.

4th: Click on “Four in a Row”. Note: Both of you needs to click 4 in a Row.

5th. When both of you are on 4 in a Row, get one person to click restart. This is to signal to the Xat that the game is starting.

6th. Play! Negotiate with your partner about who will start first.

Yeah, that was easy. Here are some tournament rules.

Tournament Rules

1. In each round, you will play with your partner 3 times. The person who won 2 out of the 3 games moves on to the next round, while the looser is disqualified.

2. You must take a screenshot that you won. This is because a game is not visible to other people. You’ll probably not need to show the screenshot, but just in case there are problems.

3. Have good sportsmanship. If you lost, you lost. Don’t lie that you won, because it will make the tournament not fun.

4. Don’t complain too much. A bit of “NOOOOOO I LOST!” or “DARNIT!” is OK, but no “OMG THE REFEREE IS BIASED!” “I WANT A REMATCH!”. If you complain a bit too much I will kick you (yes, this is a chat punishment, not in the real world), and if you complain way too much I will ban you from chat.





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