August Events


Here’s a summary of the events that will happen in August.

A short note that events in August will probably be a bit rough, unpolished, and a teeny bit unplanned, with unexpected things prone to happen, because we’ve never hosted any kind of these online events before.

I would say I gave out plenty of information about the tournament already. It’s going to be highly experimental (it’s going to prove if we can host tournaments and events on If you’re interested in being a part of it, click here. I haven’t scheduled the date yet, because we’ve got to see a concluded list of who’s coming and who’s not 😉 . 2 more people would be great.

Now, onto the part that I haven’t gave out many details yet.

This is another experimental event (although not as experimental as the tournament). Well, a blog treasure hunt is an online treasure hunt that will happen on the blog (duh… 😆 ). What will happen is, I will hide many many many pictures of clouds like this…

…all over the blog. All of the clouds will have numbers on them, and when you find a cloud, write the number on it down. There will be 10 clouds altogether, and when you’ve found 10 (or all that you can find), email me the numbers (NOT comment). The first person who finds all of them will be promoted up the ranks by one step, featured in the Hall of Fame page, and will be allowed to disobey the rules for 1 week. (And for some reason I feel many people want that 😛 ). The second and third people will be promoted, and featured in the hall of fame page, but won’t be allowed to disobey the rules.

This event will be happening throughout August 16 to August 19.

And to answer a few questions:

-New President and Vice President Elections come in September. (At first I planned January, but we needed new Presidents and Vice Presidents for term 1).

-New Oscars come December.

Now, we have much much much more events planned for the whole year, such as a Xat YouTube Movie Night, chess tournaments, graphic design competitions, photography competitions, more no rule days). And there’s more on the list, but we’ll talk about them later.

See everyone when G7 starts!


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