INSIDER NEWS: Blog Stats | Funny Search Terms Linking to US


I wanted to share some insider info with you. That’s right, blog stats.

We’ve had around 3000 views all time, 98 views on our best day (May 11, 2011), and as of the time I was posting this (10:00 AM) 2 views today.

As you can see, on February 2011 and March 2011, we only had a few views. (February and March’s views together makes 80 views, which is 10-20 views less than our busiest day!). On April, we stepped the game up with 417 views, while on May, we had a record breaking 1224 views O.o . Then, the views declined slowly because soon it was Final Exams and the term break (no one really visits the blog unless I make them to during term breaks 😛 ). This month, we’ve had 495 views, while on June we had 886 views. (This month’s views is only one third of May’s).

If you want to continue reading (the third part of this post is funny 😉 ), click Read the Rest of this Entry.

Now, I want to show the Top Posts and Pages, all time.

Obviously, the home page has the most views (1660 views, about half of the views we have right now). The next page with the most views is, surprisingly, the Chat page, but 160 doesn’t  come anywhere close to 1660. The next two are the Oscar pages (everyone’s favorite 😉 ). The top post is “A Message to Mr. Dan”.

Nice, eh.

Now, look at the search engine terms that linked to us:

“kis class of 2017”: obviously, duh.

“class of 2017 slogans/quotes”: Yeah, of course, we’re the epic Class of 2017 with lots of awesome quotes and slogans (not really).

“caesar”: Lolwut?

“comic frames”: Mint’s post?

“sarcasm”: A long time post.

“google”: Er.. wat

“memegenerator logo”: WHART

“pics of exams are coming”: Go to a “I HATE SCHOOL” site or something.

“asterix et obelix julius caesar”: I have one thing to say… WAT

Funny search terms are linking to us.

 No, there’s more!

“Roman Civilization comics””asterix the gaul and julius caesar””dictatorship of julius caesar””family tree julius caesar”…Seriously… we attract that much Rome-lovers. O.o

“whart pictures” I searched that XD.

“paan ice cream recipe”. Lolwut

Top Clicks:

No comment, look yourself.

Alright, so that were the blog stats I wanted to share. Cya!


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