Read this Post for Waffles.


If you read this post from the beginning to the end I will give you a waffle.

1. A “Quick Links” Widget!

I thought it would be better if we had some quick links to some important sites, so you can find the “Blogroll” widget on the sidebar.

2. Minicity!

So I’ve posted about the Minicity a couple of times now. Well, by this time the minicity has become larger than 2 months ago (kinda obviously). Now, we’re large enough to improve our industry, so:

To add population to the city, go to:

To improve industry (i.e. open up a new factory), go to htttp://

3. Blog Treasure Hunt

The response to the preview of the treasure hunt has been better than what I thought. The blog treasure hunt will be happening from Monday to Friday next week. On SUNDAY,  I will be turning the blog to “Private” (which means you can view it unless I give you permission, in which I won’t), and at that time, I will update the blog for the treasure hunt. I will also release a post on Sunday about the treasure hunt. 

4. KIS Class of 2017 Innovation and Awesomeness Developing Team

For the last…er….3 years or so, I’ve been pretty much the only one making pages and posts and developing the blog and the KIS2017 Site Network, except for during G4 when Will and Mint helped from time to time, and in G6 when Mint did a bit of page editing. Well, because everyone’s saying I’m a ‘dictator’ ,that’s going to change. After new elections in September, the President and Vice President will be part of the team too.

P.S. How am I a dictator when we have elections for Presidents, Vice Presidents, “Do-you-want-this-or-not”, and stuff.

So to those who still thinks I’m a dictator:

5. Army Commander Elections

If you’re on Facebook you’ll know this already, if you’re not you’re not going to vote because it’s not big enough to host stuff like this on the blog. Kthxbai.

6. Sign Off!

OK, so this was a long post, and HERE’S THE WAFFLE I PROMISED YOU:




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