President Nominations!

IMPORTANT EDIT: I am not in the election, I am your dictator/administrator/adminidictator/whatever you know me as.

Hey everyone!

Our last official President election was last term, so I guess it’s time for a new election.

Jobs of the President:

-The President will help the Administrator in developing the websites.

-The President will get Admin on Facebook, and Moderator on Chat.

-The President will be part of the KIS Class of 2017 Innovation and Awesomeness Development Team.

Jobs of the Vice President:

-The Vice President will do jobs like the President, but will need to ask first and does not have as much power.

Using the form below, you can nominate yourself for the Elections:

Note: You can only nominate yourself.

Nominations will be open for 1 week.

After you fill in the form, you can create a หาเสียง poster and send it to me in an email. (Optional)

The poster MUST be 233×299 pixels, and if you’re wondering, look at the first widget on the sidebar for examples. Have some slogans on them, such as:


“ไม่ลำเอียง เที่ยงตรง”


Let the nominations begin!

мιѕтєя ι-ѕєє


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