Presidential Elections- The Results!

Hello everyone!

We had Election Day yesterday, and and more than half the class participated in just one day!

Here are the results:

Rajat: 9 votes (6 through Facebook, 3 through WordPress)

Beam: 8 votes (6 through Facebook, 2 through WordPress).

Paan: 0 votes

So, through these results, we’d think that Rajat had won the election. But no, Rajat wanted to be Vice President, and will give the person in second place president.

Therefore, I announce that


is your new President!

And I also declare that


will continue to serve the class as Vice President.

Mint will also be acting as a technical assistant to Beam.

A few things to go over:

-Our class IS a democracy. You may argue, but if we’re not democratic we wouldn’t have had this election.

-Although Beam doesn’t have as much support as Rajat, most of what he will do will be based on feedback and voting by the class.

-Presidents and Vice Presidents aren’t allowed to break any rules at all, or they’re fired.

-I will be making sure that everyone has a say, there is going to be a “Report” page soon, where you can simply fill in anything you don’t want to change.

P.S: Good news! Everyone who participated in the election was given a boost on the Ranks page.

Ken, KIS Class of 2017 Administrator


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