September Events!



We are nearing August’s end, it’s time to announce what will be happening in the KIS2017 tech world in September.

KIS2017 Funniest YouTube Videos Competition

I’m looking forward to a hilarious week as we’re going to host the KIS Class of 2017 Funniest YT Videos. Now, this DOES NOT need you to go and make a clown of yourself by making faces like this…


You will simply need to find the funniest video on YouTube you can, and post it in the tournament! Details will soon be revealed, stay tuned for now.

Class Graphics Week

Yeah everyone, we’re gunna have a CLASS GRAPHICS WEEK! It’s going to be a content-filled week with daily posts on the blog about graphics, making them, and applications you can use. And of course, we’re going to have a graphics competition, and lots of other fun graphical activities!

Funny Day

“Funny Day” will be a President-Hosted event that Beam will make. I don’t know all the details (it’s Beam’s event), but you’re going to need to post as much good jokes as you can on that day.

Alright, that’s it!



6 thoughts on “September Events!

  1. the prizes for the funny day is horrible it should be like if i was president and admin, i would let the person who wins be a admin on the kisclassof2017 twitter page

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