Ohhh….. Codes are around in this post too, the one who find it and email it to me on  gets the extra number according to what’s labeled!!! (Maximum of codes used is 2 and the total is less than 15 or 20)
I’m going to host the event called “FUNNY DAY” It will be be starting on the 4th of September at 5.00 am and will end on the afternoon on the 20 th of September on 17.00 pm and the result will/might be judged between 18.00 pm of the 23rd of Sepember to 27th of September (Results will be annouce on a new post)


– Everyone that paticipates comments a joke on THIS post and then reply the answers(of that joke). The joke should and must be funny, if it does not make the judge(which is me) feel funny or laugh, that joke did not pass. AND NO มุขแป๊ก like “what is the plural of mice? Answer : IT’S ALREADY PLURAL”. AND please, no same jokes, I can see who posted before and after.


– here is how you get the scores.. : Making the judge smile: (1 point), Making judge laugh softly: (1 point), making judge laugh(1 point), making judge laugh loud(2 points), making judge LOL (2.5points), Making judge jaugh like death(10 points)

How will you be judged:

– Get the most, 2nd , 3rd point in the competition

– Get over 100 points= instant win


Instant wins: Get thier jokes published on a new page in “more…” for a long time or until 2 more funny day are hosted. Double rank promotions. Name in hall of fame page. Admin on Facebook for 1 week. Gets to help Ken with a project.

THE MOST: Gets their jokes published on a new page in “more…”, rank promotion.

2nd PLACE: get a post of “funny jokes” and get thier jokes published on a new page in “more…” for a long time.

3rd PLACE: Become a part of “funny jokes” post

4th place: Get to be an admin 1 minute and editor 3 minutes.  <<<(THIS ONE IS JUST A JOKE)

Secret Action replay codes : Beam LOL Beam (+5 points) , I heart Avatar(TLAB) (7 points) , All hail class press (10 ponts!!!)

Good luck to you all

Beam Srinarintharanont

Kis class of 2017 class president


36 thoughts on “FUNNY DAY COMING UP!!!!!!

  1. ท่านดนัยติดตามรัตนาวดีเพราะต้องการแต่งงานกันป้าสร้อย แต่ป้าสร้อยเขารักท่านพจน์

  2. Beam, how dare you delete the comments. You’re not allowing free speech and if you don’t restore back the nice cute :3 comments I’m going to do a coup and restore myself as…
    Grand Dictator!

    Homework sucks like:
    Art and por’s daughter(you said that one)

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