A Few Updates


This blog seems like an old, abandoned space where there is nothing else going on, other than some bored people clicking around the pages, or a few sidebar updates. However, it’s going to be a total shame if this blog is abandoned. So I’m bringing it back up again 🙂

School Reopening

Most of you know this already. Here are a few useful links:

Q&A on School Reopening 

Reopening Announcement 

The Class Calendar

Over time the Class Calendar came to be an abandoned place (similarly to the blog). It’s going to be brought back up again, however, with these new features:

1. Calendar Maintenance Crew. I’ve found it to be really difficult to maintain it alone, because of 1. Laziness and 2. Forgetting to do it. So I will be asking for volunteers to help maintain the Calendar.

2. B-Days, and other events.

Updated Rules

The Rules Page has been updated. Note that it is now not against the rule to swear, however, if you hack you will be banned permanently.

Refugee Action

I really think that this class can work together to help refugees. It’s good to have separate projects so that you have total control, but I think that the whole class should also have a project where everyone equally contributes. I mean, say, last year’s Short Stories book was a success, and by now it has a staggering 2 SALES. <Gasps of Amazement- thank Mr. Dan for the sales 😛 >. I’m sure we can work together and make something similar to that again.


Yeah, oscars. Last year’s oscars were a big success, and most (if not all) people like it. Soon to be sent to everyone is a survey asking about the oscars.

That’s it for now.

Cya at school,






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