A Reminder: The Class Calendar

Hello, hello.

As we all know, there are people who are staying up till midnight to finish work, there are daily major assignments due, we spend hours in front of the computer doing the thing we hate most: homework.

Now, there always seems to be this question going around on Skype and Facebook and Gmail Chat and whatever which is:

wat is teh homeworkz?????

And the person asking ends up having to go annoy someone on private chat, because of the fact that everyone’s busy doing their own work.

Therefore, I remind everyone that we have a


It is accessible on the Calendars page on this site. It is currently updated with all the major assignments and upcoming events. If you would like it in your Google Calendar, just give me your Google account (Gmail address), and if you would like it in your iCal, there is a way to sync it in.



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