Term Break Events


I’m sure you would agree with me that we should have some fun during the term break before we go into another whole term of assignments and <possibly> a year of more natural disasters.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present you the complete list, with details, of the Term Break Events.

Christmas Blog Treasure Hunt

Yeah, another treasure hunt! The first one in August was certainly a success, and I can tell you that because it brought the blog 200 VIEWS IN ONE DAY, compared to the usual 30 or so views.

We’re going to do the same rules as the G7 Kickoff Treasure Hunt except that instead of clouds with numbers, I’m going to use something more Christmassy. The treasure hunt will be going on for the first two weeks of the term break. Exact dates will be revealed in a post on Monday or Tuesday.

Windows vs Mac vs Linux Online Debate

The Windows vs Mac vs Linux Debate will be held on the “Windows vs Mac vs Linux” page, under the Debates page. Currently, I have comments disabled and not all the information on the page yet, because I don’t want people to start debating quite yet. Basically, this debate is going to work like a discussion forum; people will be commenting and replying to each other. Anyone who wants to participate in the debate will need to support at least one but no more than two operating systems.

Recently, pre-debates has been heating up, and any speaking about this Windows vs Mac vs Linux debate can easily spark up fiery arguments, as we’ve seen on Facebook and Skype. Wait for a bit guys, it’s coming :D.

Is Nadech Awesome? Facebook Debate

Yeah, another debate, except that this one is simply a small debate that won’t last for more than two days. The person in question about his awesomeness is Nadech, the popular celebrity and Thai dara that Pun Pun and Larissa idolizes. However, from what I know, some factions in this class dislike him, so, is he actually awesome? We’ll find out with this debate on Facebook.

I’m sorry, people without Facebook accounts who wish to participate, but this isn’t big (or high-quality) enough to be on the Debates page.

I haven’t yet decided the date of this, but it probably would be in the last week of term breaks.

Parodies Contest

Yes, another contest! Weee~! How this will work: people who wants to participate will need to create a parody of something. You can create a parody of a video, an advertisement, a book, anything! 

An example of what you can do is singing Nyan Cat in a really strange voice to create a parody of Nyan Cat, tell someone that dentists hate Colgate (a parody of the Colgates advertisement), or you can even make a parody of someone in the class’s video. You can choose to make a full-page banner with Bill Gates saying “Dump Windows, we love Mac”. You can choose to make a parody book cover for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You can do anything.

This will be ongoing; I will release the full details in the first week, and will be open for submissions until the last week of the term break.

An ending note:

This is a long list, and I think it’s going to keep people busy during the term break if they happen to become bored. Also, I decided to postpone President Nominations until Term 2’s first week.

And, the blog will be undergoing lots of maintenance and fixing, so stay tuned. This will include having new authors and taking out some old ones.

Leave a comment if you would like to give suggestions!

Ken, KIS Class of 2017 Administrator 


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