The Windows vs Mac vs Linux Debate


Here comes the first of our term break events- the Windows vs Mac vs Linux Debate.

Long has this question been asked: “What operating system is the best- Windows, Mac or Linux”? Our class, luckily, has people who have all kinds of opinion. Some are Windows fans, some would die for Mac and a few hugs Tux the Linux penguin like a teddy bear.

And so we’re going to hold an online debate on that.


-The debate will be held on the Windows vs Mac vs Linux Debate Page.

-The debate will start on Monday, December 19.

-All debating must end by Friday, December 30. That’s 11 days to debate!

-The winning operating system team will be decided according to how much information they use and how awesome their comments are.


1. Head over to the Windows vs Mac vs Linux Debate Page. (It’s under the Debates page, just so you know).

2. Post a comment saying why the OS you’re supporting (Windows, Mac or Linux) is the best. Have at least 3 reasons!

3. When other people post their comments, you can reply to them if you disagree.

4. If you have more reasons about why you support your OS, just comment!

Don’t forget about this event!

Ken, KIS Class of 2017 Administrator


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