President Nominations

It’s that time again where we nominate and elect our new President and Vice President.

The last two Presidents didn’t do much, really, so I guess it’s time to change. If YOU would like to become G7 Term 2 and Term 3’s KIS Class of 2017 President, fill out this form:

(Note that by filling this form, you are applying yourself for the President Elections which will happen from Jaunary 16th to January 22nd).

Note: content filled into this form will be made public.

If you nominated yourself for President Elections, here are things you can do:

-Create election banners (200×200 size is best) and email them to Ken

-Advertise yourself on the Class Facebook

-Tell everyone how awesome you are and why people should vote for you on the Class Skype Chat

-And stuff.

~Ken, KIS Class of 2017 Administrator


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