President Candidate Goals and Banners

President Candidates:


Jopang (President), Mint (Vice President)


Why would I want to be a president is because I think that I will be a great joy to the group and blog. I also want to be because I want to help make our KIS Class of 2017 bigger and better! so we can have people around the world contribute. I will make a game similar to what Ken did like the treasure hunt!

Rajat, please complete your email and mail me banners if you like.


(Written by Jopang) I want to make Ken proud that I can be president (he wants creative prez). I will tell jokes, created good rules for the class, and make short funny movies for everyone to enjoy. People should vote for me because I’m creative (I guess) and I’m hilarious. And… I’m fat and short. Sorry, I just ran out of idea :P.



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