A Name for the Dolphin


For a long time, the KIS Class of 2017 Dolphin has sat on our blog sidebar, speaking very welcomingly and warmly to any visitor that looks at it. It looks at your mouse all the time, not to catch you from trying to hack the blog, but because it really likes you. However, it’s always referred to as ‘THE DOLPHIN’, and such a legendary figure of the class should have a better name.

Recently, I opened up a post to ask for ideas on a name for the dolphin. We received plenty of names, as the post received an overwhelming amount of comments.

After that, I opened up a vote for the name. The two most popular names were ‘Derpina’ and ‘Toffie’, and here are the results:

Although Toffie won, it was agreed that Toffie will be the dolphin’s name, with Derpina as a surname.

And so, the dolphin’s name is now TOFFIE DERPINA.

What’d you think?


P.S Scroll down for President news, etc…


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