KIS2017 YouTube Festival- Submit Your Favorite Videos!

Due to a high demand, we’re going to be hosting a KIS2017 YouTube Festival!

What is it? The idea’s really simple. I’m going to be selecting a week (either next week or the one after that), and every day of that week, four or five YouTube videos will be featured. These videos will be submitted by YOU, and they can be funny, educational, amazing, wonderful, delicious, ANYTHING! As long as it doesn’t require parental consent 😆 .

If you know four or five awesome YouTube videos that you want to be featured in the KIS2017 YouTube Festival, please submit the links in an email to me, in a Facebook message to me, or in the form below. No commenting or giving them out in public though, if that happens it’s no fun. 😛

That’s all for now.

Ken, KIS Class of 2017 Administrator


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