YouTube Festival- Day 2

KIS Class of 2017 YouTube Festival- Day 2

Welcome to the seconday of the KIS Class of 2017 YouTube Festival! For five days this week, we’re going to be featuring the most awesome and funniest YouTube videos that students in our class have found, and also some class favorites! At the end of the week, we’ll have a vote to see which video is the best!

The second day’s videos continues to see a line of fantastic fabulous funny famous videos…

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these videos were submitted by people in the class, and although I have taken a few that were inappropriate, I don’t watch the whole video.

Note: If you haven’t watched the Day 1 videos yet, they’re here.

Day 2 Videos


I think we’re grown up enough to have a bit of vulgar language. If you think you aren’t, avoid this video. And if you’re going to blame someone for posting this kind of content, don’t blame me. Blame the person who suggested the video to me. What an honorable person I am 😆

Eminem- Not Afraid

Here’s something that changes the style of these videos. Finally.

Girl with a Funny Talent

Tadatada…I do not advise you to try this without supervision or you may break your eyebrow and cause your face to have unneeded wrinkles.

Pump it Up Fiesta- With Doctor Short Cut

No comment. No comment. Really, no comment. Why? Because I couldn’t bother to finish this whole video 😛

Is it a Good Idea to Microwave Spray Paint?

Yay, another Microwave This! video. Enjoy!

Climate Change

I would like to give some applause to the person who submitted this video for being the only person who submitted an educational video.

Baby Eating Watermelon

Really cute! Maenam would ❤ this.

Toilet Boardroom Surprise



-Which video was today’s best and worse?

-Pick a video and tell us who you think submitted it.

-Day 1 and Day 2 videos- which was better?

~Ken, KIS Class of 2017 Administrator


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