YouTube Festival- Day 4

KIS Class of 2017 YouTube Festival- Day 4

It’s already Day 4 and still we have tons of awesome YouTube videos left! This class must be extraordinarily creative and must spend inordinate amounts of time on YouTube.

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these videos were submitted by people in the class, and although I have taken a few that were inappropriate, I don’t watch the whole video.

Day 4 Videos

Candy Sushi- Epic Meal Time

I feel like eating sushi.

Nicki Minaj Stupid Hoe…Chicken Throw

Dr Evil- 100 Billion Dollars!

The source of the classic “Grandpa Cream” posture.

Tunak Tunak Tun (Indian Classic)

Tuen tuen tuen tuen tuen tuen tuen tuen tuen da da da…

Creeper Ownage

For all your game freaks out there.

Epic Soccer Fake of All Times

Meh. Violent.

Happy Feet- 3y3s

Little Boy Catching Cookies in Mouth- EPIC FAIL

I’ve said I wanted to eat sushi. Now I want to eat cookies too. Mhm.

Ken, KIS Class of 2017 Administrator


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