Updates about the Calendar | KIS2017 Empire Flag


Recently, the KIS2017 Calendar has grown in popularity, so I’ll be talking about some updates on it.

I. More Frequent Updates

Homework is increasing by a lot. So, I’ll be updating the calendar about every day.

II. Calendar Checkers

Sometimes, I’m not really sure about the calendar and if the due dates are correct. So I will be having people check over the due dates of the calendar after they are posted, so that the due dates are correct.

III. Listed Homework

Right now, we’re always having people screaming “WAT IS TEH HOMEWORKZ” on Skype Chat. Now, it is pretty disruptive for anyone who’s doing their work and forget to put their “Busy” sign on, and usually the person that asks doesnt’ get an answer. So, the Calendar page will be listing the daily homework.

By the way, we’ve got an Empire flag:

That’s it for now.


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