PLEASE READ: G7 Technology Showcase Assembly (this Thursday!)

Hello KIS2017,

Some of you may know this, some people may not, but this Thursday, G7 will be hosting the assembly.

What will it be about? It’s going to be an IT assembly.

The IT assembly will be called the G7 Technology Showcase. It is a assembly to show about the things we have learned in IT and some new technology that can be used.

Ms Puk has written the script, and if you’d like to read it, click here: G7-tech-showcase-script . If you’re too lazy to download and read the script, I’ll summarize it for you: we’re going to be set up in a form of an IT class, with the MC as the teacher and the students (see positions below) sitting with laptops or iPads. During the assembly, we will be watching an animation (Sign’s, as selected by Ms Puk), and we will be showing how to use Today’s Meet can be used to share ideas.

Now, it’s time for the positions.


To make this event work, we’re going to need as much people to help from the class as possible. Note that positions colored in blue means the position has been taken. Here are the positions:

  • MASTER OF CEREMONIES (MC)[2]- I will be one of the MCs, however we should also have another MC, asked for a girl by Ms Puk) 
  • STUDENTS ONSTAGE [10]- 10 students act as students in class on stage with either iPad or laptop
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANTS [2] tech assistants  to work with P’ Tum on the second floor
  • GENERAL ASSISTANTS [2]- assistants to help Ms. Puk around the stage
  • STAGE ASSISTANTS [5]-  to help with moving chairs on and off the stage
  • COORDINATORS [2]- general coordinators who walk around the first and second floor to make sure things are ran smoothly and with no problems.

I’d like everyone to fill in the following form with the positions that they are interested in (please scroll down below the form if you’d like to see which positions have been taken)

Note: The reason I asked you to write down 2 positions is simply just in case the position you want the most is full, so I can put you in for another position instead that wouldn’t make you upset.


MC: Ken, Por

Onstage Students: Serena, Mint, Jopang, Ekna*, Larissa, Paan, Pat, Turbo, Peter, Aditya

Technical assistants: NikiJacky

General assistants: Fern, Praew 

Stage assistants: Rajat, Eric, Bpok,  Pun Pun, Jerry

Coordinators: SignAnush

*Ekna will scream “INTERNET IS SO SLOW!!!!!!” in a dramatic manner.

This is all for today, and thank you for cooperating!

-Ken, KIS Class of 2017 Administrator


6 thoughts on “PLEASE READ: G7 Technology Showcase Assembly (this Thursday!)

  1. Ken,
    can I be the COORDINATORS [2] or STAGE ASSISTANTS [5]
    because I don’t wanna talk much or have to talk to the audience.


    • I’ve already marked you down for Stage Assistant, as you wrote that first in the form that you sent to me, so I’d guessed that would be your most favored choice. Since the positions haven’t filled up yet, would you like to change your job to Coordinator, or is Stage Assistant OK with you?

    • Why didn’t I put Sign with Eric? Why didn’t I put Sign with Eric? Why didn’t I put Sign with Eric? Why didn’t I put Sign with Eric? Why didn’t I put Sign with Eric? Why didn’t I put Sign with Eric? Why didn’t I put Sign with Eric? Why didn’t I put Sign with Eric?

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