WaRLoZk, the Band- Showing the KIS2017 Talent

Note: Check this out.

Hello everyone,

KIS Class of 2017 is awesome. Everyone (well, everyone in the class) knows that. However, our awesomeness and publicity extends very little to the other classes. It’s about time that KIS Class of 2017 shows the world that we’ve got talent!

Thankfully, we’ve got some extremely talented musicians, who’ve started a band, WaRLoZk. WaRLoZk will be receiving support from all sides of KIS Class of 2017 for being one of our first attempts to show the school our awesomeness and talent.

This band composes of Indy, Pat and Turbo, with Niki and myself as general managers.

Click here for the WarLoZk Facebook page.

And remember- KIS Class of 2017 is looking for talented people? Novelists, artists, musicians, bloggers, tech geeks, journalists, jugglers, athletes- anything you’re good at! We’re awesome and we know it, and it’s about time we let other people know it as well.

Ken, KIS Class of 2017 Administrator


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