Inspiring Awesomeness

We’re awesome and we know it, and it’s about time we let other people know it as well.

Hello everyone,

You may have read my post about WaRLoZk (the band), and if you haven’t yet, it’s here. I ended the post saying

And remember- KIS Class of 2017 is looking for talented people? Novelists, artists, musicians, bloggers, tech geeks, journalists, jugglers, athletes- anything you’re good at! We’re awesome and we know it, and it’s about time we let other people know it as well.

And well, this is true. This class is pretty short of achievements from the public eye and it’s about time we change that. WaRLoZk is a pretty good initiative by Indy, Pat and Turbo, and although their singing really needs improvement it’s a start.

Changing Our Point of View

In my opinion right now, our class is set out to hinder any creative progress and silence anyone with different thoughts. Say, let’s look at the comments on WaRLoZk’s first video. “Is that even a song?!?”, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”, “Are you out of your mind or are you confused on what good singing is?”, “Dafuq’s that?”, “I’m wearing my earphones and that’s how my earphones are gonna die?” Now, I admit that one of these comments were mine 😛 but still it isn’t exactly the most positive comments ever made in KIS2017 history. 😉

Then, let’s look at another kind of thing. Whenever someone has a pretty “different” idea, people say that the person is (excuse me) retarded (or something in that manner). I can’t say that I don’t do this (well I am usually a part of the majority anyway 😉 ) but it’s something that should be changed.

Don’t Be Afraid!

Don’t be afraid to show your talents and give different opinions! What’s your talent? Show it! KIS2017’s main talents right now are:

-Criticizing and complaining

-Posting random stuff


With ease, we can expand that to:





And I’m not saying that these talents don’t exist right now, but people aren’t showing them. As I said, we’re awesome and we know it and it’s about time we let other people know it as well. But again, these things aren’t going to happen if we don’t become more open and allow different ideas to circulate.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, we’ve hit 9000 views! 1000 more till we get the big 10,000! 😀

That’s all. 😉

-Ken, KIS Class of 2017 Administrator

In their craziness, we see genius. -Steve Jobs


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