It’s Nearly Time


The dreaded time of year is closing in. (OK, dreaded time before the year). It’s the time where you realize that two months of relaxation and peace is now over, and you have to prepare yourself to go back to the battlefield and fight the Nazis to go back to school for a new year. The last two weeks of term break is, of course, a time of tension.

  • What freaking class am I going to be in?
  • Who’s going to be my homeroom teacher?
  • What’s the new year gonna be like?
  • Will the new students be awesome or annoying?

This creates the kind of perfect atmosphere you want for the last two weeks of term breaks. Aah, inner peace. (Sarcasm).

Anyway, here are some things to expect in G8.

  • Panda mania
  • Tsunami of homework
  • Well, school becomes harder?
  • New students 😆

During all of G8, the KIS2017 Calendar will be *cough* kept in service *cough*. (Hopefully, anyway). That should help make the whole year slightly easier. Oh, and dictatorship is still the government form of choice(You didn’t expect it to change did you?!) The Facebook group has been a rather sad place lately with all the “AUGUST 9TH ;(” comments, and keep it up! xD Anyway, kthxbai. Enjoy the last days of your break, and see everyone in G8!



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