Undercover Mission Report: The Classes in G8


For days, the KIS Class of 2017 Secret Agents has been working undercover to find information on the classes (A/B) in G8. Agent Koala, escaping from a dangerous air-conditioned room and poisonous green football fields, has given the following report.

Mission Report: G8 Classes
Listed in Alphabetical order
Aditya- A
 Anush- B
 Ekna- B
 Eric- Unknown
 Fern- A
 Inaya- B
 Indy- A
 Iya- B
 Jacky- A
 Jerry- B
 Jopang- B
 Ken- B
 Kuldeep- A
 Larissa- B
 Mimmi- A
 Mint- A
 Niki- A
 Paan- B
 Pat- A
 Peter- A
 Por- B
 Praew- Unknown
 Pun-Pun- A
 Rajat- A
 Sign- A
 Turbo- B
 William- A
Therefore, to conclude:
 Aditya, Fern, Indy, Jacky, Kuldeep, Mint, Niki, Pat, Peter, Pun2, Rajat, Sign, Will.
 Anush, Ekna, Inaya, Iya, Jerry, Jopang, Ken, Larissa, Paan, Por, Turbo.
STILL UNKNOWN (aka Agent Koala didn't remember):
Eric, Praew

Agent Koala has been given a lifelong supply of eucalyptus leaves and a tree palace as a reward for his super-dangerous mission. Thank you Agent Koala for your bravery in undertaking the operation which no one could had expected you to return from, breaking into the (unlocked and open) school office, looking at the locker keys (laid out on the floor) and taking a photo of them.

Oh, and people who are in 8B– you get a privilege. I update the class Calendar according to whichever class I’m in. So you get a special online OD (which 8A peeps aren’t going to get that privilege. Sorry). 😉

See everyone at school!



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