Schedule .. .Wallpapers?

Ken: If you want the schedules to make your own wallpapers, or just to view, go to the Schedules page; it’s under Calendar.

Hey this is Mint here: Last year I have made some personal wallpapers, using the schedules and making them look kinda neat I guess, since some people wanted mine too 😛 I decided to make these Default wallpapers for you guys, If you want a custom one which includes your picture or anything, just email me your picture and say you want to make a custom calendar. Here are the ones for G8A and G8B here, which you might like to use!  (Click on images to view full size )

Here are some Custom made wallpapers requested by friends:

 (requested By ken)

 (made By me)

 (Requested by por)

If you wanna custom one, ask me! I’ll do it for free haha Email me a pic and Ill do it for ya! \m/

p.s. Phone Schedules are up for grabs too 😀 Just tell me your screen size and Ill make it as your phone wallpaper or lock screen! (only available for Android, iPhone, iPods, and iPads for mobile size)

EXAMPLE (Mine 😀 ) (Click on image to view full size)

Peace ~

– Mint


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