Updates to the Pages


Recently we’ve been averaging around 20-30 hits a day, which isn’t so bad considering that there are only like 30 of us in this class. 😉 Anyway, this is probably because of the incredibly popular *coughs* Calendar and Schedule page. With this in mind, I did a few updates to the pages so that everything looks a bit neater and better.

The most noticeable update is that the Calendar page has disappeared, and instead there’s a new Resources page. No, the well-loved Calendar page hasn’t gone anywhere. Instead, it’s been renamed as the “Homework” page and put under the Resources page.

Why the name change? Well, the main reason is that when the page was first created, it was supposed to show only the Calendar and nothing else. But now, the new feature of having the homework listed above the Calendar has totally outshined its Google Calendar counterpart, and so I’m replacing the title from Calendar to Homework instead.

Also, the long defunct Nations page has been kissed goodbye. Why? Well, we haven’t had Presidents and Vice Presidents for a long time and so the page is pretty useless. Also, the About page is now full of shiny KIS2017 Facebook covers. 😉

If you have any feedback or anything, remember that you can use the Comments feature of the blog. 



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