KIS2017 Facebook Page: Solving Our Problems


Recently it’s come to the attention of the school administration that there’s actually a KIS2017 Facebook Group in existence. I’ve discussed a few things with Mr Mike today; a few things will be changing.

The Problems

1) Before you ask: swearing isn’t a problem unless you’re using it to offend someone

Contrary to popular belief, swearing isn’t such a big deal, as long as it isn’t used to hurt other people’s feelings.

2) The rules aren’t enforced heavily enough

First, let me just quote the rules from the Rules page.

  1. Respect privacy
  2. Don’t discriminate
  3. Use common sense
  4. No hacking
  5. Don’t share information in this group to the outside
  6. Don’t create inappropriate events
  7. Don’t add anyone outside the group to it
  8. Don’t spam until it causes annoyance
  9. Bans can be made if you are a big participant in a big fight

Now, here is the problem. There’s a rule that for some reason I’ve cleanly forgotten: don’t say anything that will cause hurt feelings. Also, when people don’t respect the privacy of people and often people don’t use common sense (although I have to admit that rule is a bit unclear).

3) Feelings are hurt

Coming up from the lack of rules on “don’t say anything that will cause hurt feelings”, we’ve allowed ourselves to run a little too freely with writing offensive material towards others.

How We’re Fixing It

1) One new rule

4. No posting offensive material. By offensive material, this means something that will hurt people’s feelings, discriminatory statements, or things that portray a person in our class in too negative a light.

2) Punishments

Hacking Rule- If there is evidence that someone has hacked another person’s account (or tried to gain entry through any other means) they can immediately be suspended from class sites indefinitely.

Other Rules:

  • First violation: Warning
  • Second violation: 1 week ban
  • Third violation: 2 week ban
  • Fourth violation: Suspended indefinitely

3) One more administrator

Due to Mr Mike’s concerns with responsibility, we will be having one more administrator for the Facebook group. Application forms and elections will happen soon.

4) Name change

This doesn’t really have anything to do with the rest of the post, but we’re doing a name change because KIS Class of 2017 is an infringement of the trademarked name, KIS International School.

* * * * *

Don’t be alarmed about the new changes that are happening; they will happen gradually and really, life isn’t going to change too much (since we aren’t too offensive or anything in the Facebook group anyway). Cya.



Note: If you have any questions or concerns, let me know in the comments.


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