70 Things to Do During the Term Break

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As part of the KIS2017 goal of not being bored this term break, we’ll be doing “Come At Me Bro” challenges on Facebook” over the following weeks. The first one is:

List as many things anyone can do during the term break to keep them from being bored as you can.

Alright, so here is 70 THINGS TO DO DURING THE TERM BREAK.

1. Write

2. Play music

3. Eat

4. Scroll up and down the Oscars page

5. Stalk someone

6. Spam a friend ’til they block you

7. Sleep

8. Watch TV

9. Play games

10. Spam posts

11. Do random poke battles

12. Do meme wars with random people

13. Tweet all day

14. Eat through your nose

15. Ladybump

16. Try doing more than three of these things at once

17. Gangnam Style in the shower

18. Make fart noises

19. Make a pillow house

20. Mob someone at terminal 21

21. Randomly make 100+ comments on your own wall without spams

22. Go for a swim

23.  Make a weird checklist of not-to-get-bored stuff

24. Shut Ken up

25. Read great works of literature such as A Christmas Carol and Moby Dick.

26. Read Ken posting random stuff

27. Stare at the ‘Come At Me Bro’ picture

28. Make the ‘Come At Me Bro’ photo not annoy you

29. Leaving random conversations

30. Add to this list

31. Destroy all 21/12/12 posts

32. Stop caring about the number of this thing

33. Still caring about the number of this thing

34. Bake and cook

35. Dictate

36. Watch My Little Pony

37. Fart out lethal gas

38. Watch SAO

39. Chat to random people

40. Read Harry Potter all over again

41. Draw me with a water bottle

42. Practice self defense with water bottles

43. “Do nothing day”

44. Watch the 3 hour Nyan Cat video and check if you’re still sane afterwards

45. Troll people on Twitter

46. Roleplay as famous people on Skype

47. Swallow gum

48. Do Kumon

49. Do Japanese stuff

50. Throw random grenades in the air when playing COD

51. Train yourself to lip-sync

51. Train yourself to read lip-sync

52. Swim in the Ganges river

53. Eat stuff floating in the Ganges river

54. Take people to swim in the Ganges river

55. Review your Mandarin vocabulary

56. Read a webcomic

57. Run for PM of Thailand

58. Join a political protest

59. Roleplay as Mark Teudberg

61. Flirt with someone for a day

62. Go to school (just to find no one is there)

63. Impersonate a friend

64. Play connect four

65. Use Linux

66. Dance around in a lonely room

67. Lower the air conditioner temperature to 5 degrees

68. Die

69. Make weird wolf and dog howling noises

70. Watch a documentary on the Mongol Empire.


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