G9 Bake Sale Preparation

The date for the upcoming bake sale is January 27th which gives us the weekend (25th-26th) in order to prepare for this. Our goal will be to raise around 5000 baht. This means that there are some numbers we need to look at if we’re going to achieve our goal.

Here’s the list of groups and the things that’s going to be cooked:

  • Group 1- Jopang, Veronica, Fern, Paan, Antonia, Tiya: Variety of cookies
  • Group 2- Ken, Por, Mint, Mimmi: Nutella brownies
  • Group India- Rajat, KK, Aditya, Anush: chocolate chip cookies, samosa, brownies
  • Group 4- Iya, Indy, Pat M., Peter, Kuldeep, Dylan: Cake, cup cakes, chocolate chip cookies
  • Group 5- Pun Pun, Pat K., Praew, Sign: Blueberry pie, chocolate chip cookies

There seems to be a lot of groups wanting to bake chocolate chip cookies. I ask that if you can bake things other than chocolate chip cookies, then please bake something else; we don’t want a chocolate chip cookie overload. If possible, please send me a finalized list of what you’re going to bake. Group 2 will be responsible for making banners and decorations.

A few reminders:

  • Please make sure that you prepare all your ingredients before you come to bake. It’s a severe lack of responsibility if you come to school on Monday saying you have nothing; you’re going to let us all down.
  • REFRIGERATE your products or do anything that’s going to make it last, especially if you’re baking on Saturday: we want these to be eatable on Monday.




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