Taking the Lead

This post is a copy of the same one made in Genghis Club on Facebook. 


A couple of emails later after the long advisory session revealed that teachers are disappointed in our dismal record of engagement with the wider school community thus far. Academics is important. Being a good academic student is necessary to excel in any school. However, another huge component of the IB is community, action and service. And, apparently, this is a major shortcoming for the class.

Our class is, perhaps uniquely, a very inward-looking class. We’ve always cared very little about being involved with the affairs of the school. There’s nothing wrong with that, at least in the MYP, but there are expectations that as a class grows older we take more action and become more engaged. So far we haven’t. We’re still mostly the same class that we were in sixth grade: enthusiastic, certainly, but not about volunteering or taking action or community & service.

This year no one in G9 sold raffle tickets for the Fun Fair. We weren’t even represented in the Community & Service part of the assembly two weeks ago. Our involvement in Student Council itself has also been very limited. It’s clear that this has to change. We should be a class that leads, not one that follows; a class that points, not one that nods; a class of action, not one of stillness.

Personally, I believe that as a class we work better as a large group. (At least we tend to be more coordinated, have more motivation and accomplish larger things). So together we could change this. I’m open to any ideas. Give me yours.


Hai, what's your thought?

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