G10 Schedule Wallpapers

Hi everyone! Here are the beautiful schedule wallpapers that Mimmi has made for us this year that we can use to adorn our desktops. Please click on the image to see the image at full resolution. These wallpapers should fit in with OS X Yosemite’s design when it is released! Check to make sure that the wallpaper is your class (A/B).


10A, 10B


10A, 10B


10A, 10B

North Korea

10A, 10B

Sword Art Online: Sinon

10A, 10B

Code Geass: Zero

10A, 10B

Code Geass: Lelouch vi Britannia 

10A, 10B

Tokyo Ghoul (by Mint)



2 thoughts on “G10 Schedule Wallpapers

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