Windows vs Mac vs Linux

Windows vs Mac vs Linux- Which is the Best?

It’s a question that’s been asked over and over, and there’s never been a conversation that settled the whole thing. Therefore, we are going to do a virtual debate.

You can choose to support one operating system. You need to comment on here with reasons why you think it’s the best. You can also reply to other people’s comments. You can also talk about why you  think another operating system, frankly, sucks.


1. Head over to the Windows vs Mac vs Linux Debate Page. (Which is this page :p ).

2. Post a comment saying why the OS you’re supporting (Windows, Mac or Linux) is the best. Have at least 3 reasons!

3. When other people post their comments, you can reply to them if you disagree.

4. If you have more reasons about why you support your OS, just comment!

Example Comments:

“I love Windows/Mac/Linux because it looks awesome, it’s epic fast, etc. etc. etc. etc. [insert tons of other reasons here]”

“I think that Windows/Mac/Linux is really bad because [insert reasons here].”

Alright, start arguing!


56 thoughts on “Windows vs Mac vs Linux

  1. First comment! Yay!
    I support Linux, because Linux is free and open source (compared to the thousands of baht you have to pay for Windows, although Windows does give you good Blue Screens of Death and bugs and stuff to tinkle with), and that’s really good considering it’s about as good (probably better than) as Windows and nearly as great as Mac. So free lunches are true. Linux is also really customizable, there’s a great support community, you have a lot of choices between desktop environments and distributions, and what’s more, it’s fast with zippy performance.

    Linux (and Xfce) FTW!

    Note to anyone participating in this debate: If you agree or disagree with someone’s comment, make sure to REPLY to that comment and say so! Also, thumbs-up any comments you like!

    • For free, you do get a desktop that looks like this .

      Or this:

      Or this:

      Or, this:

      And I could continue with the “Or this”-es forever, but I’ll stop here for now 😀 .

  2. i cant write as much as ken but i will write some stuff

    i like windowz cuz:

    it haz many “or this”-es like linux

    it luks nice

    kinda fast

  3. Mac:

    1) Because it have alot of new kind of programm that could only be installed in Mac, like I-Movie, I-Web, I-Photo, etc…
    2) It very popular right now, a lot of application also for school and work, pretty easy to use!
    3) High security protection from virus

    Disagree with Ken and Annush, Window have less protection from virus more than Mac and Linux but Linux also have better protection from virus than Mac it might be free but also come with old functional program, Mac have a lot of new program with a lot of abilities to do lots kind of thing that doesn’t need to use internet like making Website on I-Web but Window and Linux need to use internet like wordpress,etc… to make website. Alot of option in I-Movie more that Windows Movie Maker or Linux application!

  4. LINUX! IT has faster “stuffs” and even though the graphics isn’t the best, but you can customize the looks to be like mac 😀 Even though i like mac, and use a mac, but i support linux. Cause it can download many programs, is compatible with most apps and…. The best bit of linux is TERMINAL LOL XD It’s terminal looks more “Terminalish” than mac and windows one. 😛

    • Not true Linux boot up hell (x3) slow and it is extremely laggy when working with programs too. And Linux customization is very bad since it still are based or exactly the same as window’s and mac’s and you need to download stuff to customize it your way unlike mac and windows. You also said it is more compatible with more apps, actually it is quite wrong since you can see that it only supports apps made for it like mac and windows :p especially with the app store but with less varieties and worse quality. The terminal sucks it doesn’t support the same commands and has a hell ugly theme and how are windows and mac’s one not “Terminalish” anyway?

      • Linux is actually fastest at booting, it’s just that the computers at school are slow. And customization almost always needs to be download anyway. A lot of people use Linux simply because you can customize it anyway you want, as it’s open source. Also, Linux terminal uses the same commands as Mac- they’re both UNIX terminals. It’s just that some (and only some) commands made especially for Mac or especially for Linux doesn’t work on the other (although there are usually alternatives). Kthxbai. 😛

  5. Mac is the best jaa

    Have lots of application that Linux and Windows don’t have!!!

    It is a mac is very crate in many different ways…

    Mai ruu leaw!!!

    It is the best leaw gun. :p

    • Sign, If you want creative things in linux you can get them also. Ink space is good for linux. Openshot is also like iMovie. and there is many other programs that are equally creative, but you do not know them… thats all. Some app we have in linux that mac doesn’t have too! so there.

  6. Uhhh… I choose Windows because : 1 : Windows is an open source which makes things get easier but it may get viruses by the open source thingy. 2 : Mac is NOT an open source which makes things HARDER to do, less applications and MOST of the software in MAC that are from Windows are running by X11 or ”Wine Files”. 3 . Windows is MORE EASIER to use and it is FUN to use. 4 . Most of the people in this world uses Windows more because 1 : Cheap 2 : Easy to use 3 : Open-Source (MANY Applications) 5 . MAC just makes things COMPLICATED and LESS FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS! I know that MAC comes with many application on it but … for Windows.. You can download it and bunch of it is on Windows Already!

    I have passed some of the OSs and the main thing that i chose Windows is it has a lot of function to play (HACK) with. TO : Sign : Sign, You need to try Windows more then say that it sucks!

    Ken: Niki, use your real name.

    • You’re pretty wrong, really.
      1)Unless it’s pirated, Windows is expensive. If I’m correct Windiws Ultimate is 9000 Baht or something.
      2) Windows is closed source.
      3) WINE cannot run some applications, such as Win. movie Maker, and cannot run the full functions of an application. And X11 sucks, really 😛 . Also, most application that are from Windows are already ported for Mac, not run using WINE.
      4) Mac isn’t complicated, it’s designed to be intuitive. And Mac appkications often have tins more features. Compare Windows Movie Maker to iMovie…
      5) If you really want to be able to play around and hack, use Linux.

        • To both comments:
          -Linux’s security system is actually the best, because you’re not logged in as “root” by default and so can’t mess up with the system (therefore making viruses and hackers unable to go into your computer).
          -Windows having a developer preview doesn’t really mean it’ll become open source. Open Source = allowing everyone to look at all the code and letting you redistribute it any way you like. Windows 8 DP doesn’t let you do that, it simply allows you to test out and start developing applications on it.

  7. Why I like OS Linux (better than mac and windows)
    I like the OS Linux for 3 reasons. The first is, is that it has a simple workspace, so everyone is able to learn how to use it easily. It also is a bit like the mac and windows workspace. For example, some softwares like Pear OSX have a dock like mac, and ubuntu has something like the “start” in windows, but it’s at the top; like mac. So mac and windows users can feel perfectly comfortable with Linux. The second reason is, Linux is a fast operating system. It loads programs fast, it boots up fast, actually it is the fasted operating system ever made; faster than mac or windows even! For example, when try to boot windows, you have to wait for the logo to finish loading, and mac also has to wait for the logo. But in Linux, booting up is really fast. It shows only the logo for around 5 seconds, then shows the log in page. Just because the school’s Linux is slow doesn’t mean all linux lags. Finally, the last reason is that Linux has many styles or software to choose from. You can customize the workspace in one software by using the application settings. In mac or windows you have to download an external file to customize your workspace. You can choose different software like Linux mint, which is green and easy to use; best for people on the go. Xubuntu and Ubuntu is better for classrooms and learning. If you are a mac lover (like me) you can choose Pear OS, which has almost everything like a mac, so you are comfortable with the screen. Furthermore, you can select the style that suits you the most. To sum up, other operating systems can be convenient to other people, but for me, I like Linux the best.

  8. Hi, I am Kuldeep, I disagree with Turbo that mac has more ability to prevent viruses than windows. More than billions of people use Windows which can increase the risk of viruses (People that are bad like to send viruses to people etc. So if more people are using Windows there will be more risk of viruses)

    But mac as Turbo said is kind of new and fancy, and the number of people using mac is still increasing (thats means than the population of people using windows is still more than mac: that may change in a few years. So if not much people are using mac, there is less risk of getting viruses.

    So I think that all users using the systems, (Mac, Windows, and Linux) can get the risk of having viruses.

    Thankyou XD

    p.s. lol But mac still has more ability of preventing viruses… Those are just my opinions.

  9. Hey again, I support mac for the hard drive:

    For windows for example (If there is 500 GB hard drive space and we add many softwares and programs in it which decreases about 450 GB space: so the remaining space left will be only 50GB) for windows, if the space is less, the speed of the computer decreases too.

    But for mac, the speed of the computer does not decrease if there is little space in the hard disk.

    IMPORTANT: For some mac users, they experience that the mac computer gets slower when there is little space in hard drive. So don’t misunderstand me. However, both kinds of systems can be slower because of the small space in the hard drive, but in that case Windows will be slower than mac.

    I even experienced it. Bonus: Than you.


  11. It depends on your needs:

    -Windows for productivity and jocks
    -Mac OS for multimedia and dorks
    -Linux for optimization and nerds

    The truth is you can find great apps for all of these systems. I personally prefer ubuntu, because i can tweak my wifi better. With w7, i was getting download speeds of 1.2M. Now, i get 2.2M on the same network.

  12. I like Linux myself, mainly because of the fact that I don’t have a job (Lovely economy in Amerika, the Land of PRISM, and the home of Debt), and I can’t afford another copy of Windows 7, (which I already legally owned on a laptop), or a Lisence Key….. 😦 Whereas with Linux, I can simply download any distro myself, and install it to a USB, or on a Hard Drive of some sort… And speaking of downloading, if I get Windows 7 for free, which is illegal in Amerika, I could have my life ruined in so many ways. But with Linux, and it’s strong emphasis on Open-Source (free, shareable, editable) software, I do not get in legal and financial trouble…. 🙂 Mac, I’m sure, would fall under the same category. So, while I do not mind Windows, if I am short on money, Linux is just a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a cheap USB away…. (It can EVEN be installed and used on any PC or Desktop platform)…. And of course, like Mint and Ken said, I also love it for it’s stability and speed…. Although, I am typing this off of Linux Mint, which is installed to a partitioned PNY USB 2.0, so the speed will be slow(er) than 3.0, but even now, nothing debilitating happens to the system to make it crash!… 😀

  13. I like Windows because:
    1) It’s easily infected so I can sell “Anti-virus” software, which may or may not work, on a subscription basis. Yeah! steady income!
    2) It slows down over time giving me a reason to use the “old equipment” excuse to sell customer’s new computers. Whoop Whoop! repeat business!
    3) It has PLENTY of back doors available so I can observe individual customer habits and preferences so I can sell products effectively. Whooo Who’s your daddy! Targeted advertizing!


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