Welcome to the Rules page.

KIS Class of 2017 is a *cough* democratic *cough* where freedom *sneezes* is protected. However, because we are a rather technologically advanced class with the Facebook groups and blogs and Skypes and whatever, we do need to have some rules so that power can be abused things are kept running smoothly.

General Rules

These rules are to be followed at all times on websites and services of KIS Class of 2017.

1. Respect privacy. Do NOT post embarrassing pictures of people without their permission. If the person in a picture requests for it to be deleted, the owner must remove it. Personal information (eg. agreed secrets) cannot be posted without permission.

2. Don’t discriminate. It’s important that we respect each other’s differences, so it’s important to keep discrimination to the lowest level possible.

3. Use common sense. If you say something and you know it’s going to hurt someone a lot, don’t say it.

4. No posting offensive material. By offensive material, this means something that will hurt people’s feelings, discriminatory statements, or things that portray a person in our class in too negative a light.

5. No hacking. Hacking is a crime punishable by law. This rule includes trying to gain access to someone’s account through other means.

If any person illegally accesses computer data, for which there is specific access prevention measure not intended for their own use available, then he or she shall be subjected to imprisonment for no longer than two years or a fine of not more than forty thousand bath or both. – Thai Computer Crime Act B.E 2550

Note: Light teasing is considered ‘okay’. However, the border between a playful joke and a personal insult is very unclear, so be careful.

Facebook-Specific Rules:

1. Don’t share information in this group to the outside. Information in the KIS2017 FB group is considered private and should not be posted outside the group, unless with the original poster’s permission.

2. Don’t create inappropriate events. Facebook has an Events feature, and creating something like “LET’S KILL THIS GUY” is not appropriate.

3. Don’t add anyone outside the class (eg. other students, teachers) to the group.

4. Don’t spam until it causes annoyance.

5. Bans can be made if you are a main participant in a big fight. 

Blog Specific Rules:

1. No editing the pages of the blog unless the admin has allowed it. (To editors on the blog).

2. Swearing is not allowed on the blog.


Hey Grandma, if we don’t follow the rules, what happens?


Yes, really.

Hacking Rule- If there is evidence that someone has hacked another person’s account (or tried to gain entry through any other means) they can immediately be suspended from class sites indefinitely.

Other Rules:

  • First violation: Warning
  • Second violation: 1 week ban
  • Third violation: 2 week ban
  • Fourth violation: Suspended indefinitely

(Note: If an administrator is found to be abusing his power for his own personal reasons, please email another administrator to explain the situation.)


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  1. ร ยพำดำพ ยรืำฟยยสำห ฟืก ฟยยสำหม ร สีอ ินะ้ าฟ ่ีิี+++

  2. Seriously…. Why’d put a picture of House there.
    Ken: Because I want to. That is a good reason right? Lol just kidding. I put it there because I saw the picture on the internet somewhere and just had to put it on. Ok, actually, it’s because I wanted a picture of a nod there.

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