G7T1 Oscars

Grade 7 Term 1 Oscars

Hello, and welcome to the G7T1 OSCARS PAGE, a page of achievements and remembrance of all the cool things that we’ve done this term. The KIS Class of 2017 Government has recorded and noted all the achievements and characteristic traits of everyone this term, and will be presenting all of you with oscar awards.

If you have any complaints, please comment on this page.

Just a note that people are listed in alphabetical order. If you cannot find your oscar, just type Ctrl-F (for Windows) or Command-F (for Mac) and search your name.

Alright, let’s start.


OSCARS: The WHART old Person



OSCARS: The Korean, the “Doh Ray Mee” Mother.

Yes, without a doubt, Anush IS the most Korean of KIS Class of 2017. Without a doubt. No, I’m NOT being racist here. But Anush is the most Korean, as there would be no one else who can argue with him for that.


Anush has also expressed his wanting to be the mother/governess in Mr Chris P’s performance, and therefore he is the real Doh Ray Mee mother. Bye bye Serena, Anush took your throne. :p

Doh, a deer, a female deer…


OSCARS: Team Avatar guy (tied with Iya, Mimmi), the Cute, the President

Beam is tied with Iya and Mimmi for the “Team Avatar” guy. This gang of three makes up the Team Avatar-fanboys of the class, with Por as its head.


Beam is also the cutest…

Isn’t this copyright violation?


…but while retaining that he sits as the President of the KIS Class of 2017. How’s that for a change.

All hail the President


OSCARS: The Thai Class Dancer

No description available. But the picture should be sufficient; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?


OSCARS: Most Dramatic, the Dancing Queen

Who would argue that Ekna is the most dramatic? After all, we all know how much she enjoys PA class. No, Ekna, DON’T deny it, don’t deny it, don’t deny it…we all know you’re the most dramatic.

Not only that, she is the DANCING QUEEN.

“You are the dancing queen…”


OSCARS: The Korean No 2 (suggested by 7B, don’t call me racist ==), the Chatter

Eric, as suggested by a lot of 7B, is the No 2 Korean (after Anush).

Korean dara

And he is the chatter. On KIS Class of 2017 Chat, at least.


OSCARS: The Plant, the “Aha” Person

“Fern” is a plant…

A plant.

…but she likes to say “aha” to people on chat.


OSCARS: The Most Quiet

Will you argue that I’m putting her for most quiet?


OSCARS: Basketball Lover (tied with Pat)

We all know Indy’s love for basketball. Ever saw him NOT playing basketball? 😀

Seeing this, we wish Indy a day that’s full of basketball fun!


OSCAR: Team Avatar lover, “I Love Football” person

Yes, welcome to another Team Avatar lover!

And he’d told me that he loves football, and so I give him the football fan oscar.


OSCAR: The Lover of Unity, the Great Father of Indy

Jacky likes Unity, except for the fact that he can’t set it to un-autohide.

Also, Jacky is the Great (Adopted) Father of Indy. I will not include an image on that though :p .


OSCARS: Most Energetic, Wa’ershed!

Jerry springs, jumps, leaps for a banana, rolls, and runs. Right before homeroom.

He is also the epic

speaker of the class.


OSCARS: The Cutest [Tied with Beam], Roller Coaster Lover

Once again, Jopang is the cutest…


Boing Boing

Don’t be embarassed, Jopang!

…and he is the lover of rollercoasters. Morning: rollercoasters. Lunch: rollercoasters. Night: rollercoasters. Dream: rollercoasters.


OSCARS: The WordPresser, the Xfce Supporter, Loud Typer

Now, I feel a bit weird typing my own oscar :p but I guess I’ll do it as I’ve already done so twice before. So, as you know, I like WordPress. A lot. (Or otherwise I wouldn’t have used it for 3 years, eh.)

I also support Xfce, the best desktop environment on Linux ever… 😀

And lastly everyone says I type really loud, but I guess I’m used to that so I don’t notice :p .


OSCARS: Second Tallest (Yet Nearly the Youngest)

Kuldeep’s tall. You can see that from far away. But he’s nearly the youngest in our class. Wonder what kind of calcium he gets.


OSCARS: Lakorn Lover, Aussie Lover, Most Innocent

Larissa is, undoubtedly, a big fan of Thai soap operas, aka lakorn.

Funnily, while I was writing this I refreshed my Facebook News Feed and saw this on top…

However, she is also Australia’s biggest fan. (Which isn’t surprising really seeing she’s half Australian).

AUSTRALIA I ❤ YOU!…but my finger just wiped it and took out Sydney! AAAAH!

And, last but not least, she is known as the “Most Innocent”.


OSCARS: Holy Puppet Maker, Most British

Maenam makes puppets in PA. With style.


But, of course, the most distinct thing Maenam did this year is her BRITISH ACCENT!!!!!! So, all hail to Queen Elizabeth III ! Long she shall be on the throne of the British [Accent] Empire.


OSCARS: Team Avatar Lover (along with a bunch of other Team Avatar fans in this class)

Yet another Team Avatar fan. I wonder how the mania had spread so fast.


OSCARS: Minecraft Freak, God of Green Screen and iMovie

Mint plays Minecraft. [OMG YOU JUST FOUND THAT OUT, RIGHT?] Homeroom- Minecraft. Breaktime- Minecraft. Before going to bed- Minecraft. Dream- Minecraft. Eating- Minecraft. Any free time she can find in school periods- Minecraft.


Mint is also the god of Green Screen effects and iMovie. When she’s free from playing Minecraft, she messes around with iLife.


OSCARS: Terminal Freak, Anime Lover

Niki is the terminal/Windows Command Prompt freak. He loves to write code (and shutdown other people’s computers or wipe out his own hard drive in the process).

Niki’s terminal, revealed! Image source: Niki

Niki is also the god of all anime. He loves it and he won’t miss a chance to rave and rant about how awesome it is.


OSCARS: The Pineapple Sucker

“The Pineappler Sucker” is one of the most honorable awards that can be given to someone in the class of KIS Class of 2017. Really. It shows that you have the talent, the skills, the integrity, the awesomeness, the intelligence, and the ว่างมาก-ness of the person.

Paan has exhibited all of that.


And time for the most awaited for picture…



OSCARS: Tallest, WoW Addict (tied with Will, Peter)

Pat is the undebatable tallest person in the class. Towering above everyone, even Mr. Rick.

Pat is also an addict of the game “World of Warcraft”.


OSCARS: WoW Addict

Say hello to another World of Warcraft lover! Yes, Peter plays World of Warcraft. A lot.


OSCARS: HTTYD-addict, Team Avatar obsessed

Here comes the mother and starter of all this Team Avatar obsession in this class.


Por is also a big fan of HTTYD (How to Train Your Dragon), a popular book series recently turned into a movie.


OSCARS: Lady Gaga, most daring

Praew is Lady Gaga, KIS2017 Version. Weee~!

Lady Gaga…

Also, she is the most daring to explore the world to the end of the Earth. Right, Praew? I know you well enough to say this, right? 😀



OSCARS: Eats Most Lunch, Nadech fan, Gossip Girl, Biggest Liverpool fan

Pun Pun EATS MOST LUNCH. That is the reason contributing to her…um…[little] body weight.

Pun Pun is Nadech’s biggest fan. Yes, biggest. She can drone on about Nadech for 5 hours without stopping to eat lunch (because she usually doesnt’ eat lunch anyway!)

I ❤ YOU NADECH [albeit a biased version

Pun Pun is also the GOSSIP GIRL GOD OF ALL TIME.

From who likes who to the latest mysterious event…

Pun Pun is also one of the sole supporters of Liverpool in this class.


OSCARS: The Most Popular, Honorable, Holy, Epic, and Awesome Jook of All Time

Rajat is given one of the best awards we can give: The Most Popular, Honorable, Holy, Epic, and Awesome Jook of All Time. He is given the award  the Most Popular, Honorable, Holy, Epic, and Awesome Jook of All Time because of his extremely epic character that shows that he is the Most Popular, Honorable, Holy, Epic, and Awesome Jook of All Time.



OSCARS: The Dentist, Swearing 24/7)


Spot the difference:

I am a dentist~!


Say aaaah!

Serena is also another “swearing 24/7” person. Again, I’m not going to explain this in detail, but images are a thousand words… (yes, a thousand “words”. Wow).


OSCARS: The Person that Smiles when She is Angry

Does Sign know how to get angry? Possibly not. After all, she SMILES when she gets angry. Perhaps she likes being annoyed.

Hey, I’m angry, you know!


OSCARS: The Screamer, Dancing Queen [Male Version]

Turbo’s screams in Performing Arts are ear-piercing. Really. If you don’t believe that you certainly haven’t heard it for yourself.


Turbo is also the (self proclaimed) Dancing Queen. The male version.

Larissa: What is wrong with you…

I don’t know how this image fits in but I just wanted to add it in here…


OSCARS: WoW Lover, Most Handsome

You’ll certainly find him playing WoW in homeroom and along the most silent parts of the school during lunch. With Pat.

Also, William asked me to be given the “Most Handsome” oscar, and so I’m giving it to him. Congrats Willy. This will be his fanclub amount in the year 2020:



OSCARS: The Geography Genius, the Lord of G7

Who’d be fitter as the “Geography Genius” than him? And he likes geography. Look, he hugs the map 😀

Also, Lord Darryl Anderson (the Great) is accepted as the Lord of KIS Class of 2017. All hail, Lord Darryl!

Thank you for reading this term’s oscars!

I hope you liked them, and new oscars will be released in G7 Term 3.

Please, leave a comment about what you liked and disliked about this page! Bye bye!

~Ken, Oscar Writer, Class Admin


31 thoughts on “G7T1 Oscars

  1. First comment!
    It was really fun writing this, just a bit annoying that we have so many Team Avatar fanboys and World of Warcraft-addicts. It becomes boring to write the same oscar a lot of times :p

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  3. William so หลงตัวเอง… “Most handsome?” seriously? Well, my mom agrees though…. (maybe larissa too) but not me. Just cause he’s half italian doesn’t mean he gets extra credits for that. (Oops, not trying to be rasict… :D)

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