G7T3 Oscars

Welcome to the KIS Class of 2017 Grade 7 Term 3 Oscars! The past two terms has been a fabulously amazing, awesome, and ridiculously epic time for the class. Epic times brings up epic people, and epic people has epic personalities. In this term’s oscars, we’ll see the awards everyone gets for being so awesomely unique and making our class shine like no other class here does and ever will do.

Again, like always, remember that these oscars are just for fun and by no means reflect how everyone actually thinks of you. Everyone is a valued part of the class, and if we get slightly sarcastic in these oscars, please don’t take it offensively. Thank you for your cooperation, and please return to your seat 🙂 .

This list is in alphabetical order. And so here we go (again).


Oscars: The Tunak Dancer, the Koala

Aditya loves Tunak Tunak Tun. What’s Tunak Tunak? Tunak is an Indian dance song by Daler Mehndi.

Tunak Tunak is like Indian power rangers – Kuldeep

And of course, when you start liking something so badly you start dancing to it. Right? And so here we have Aditya as the TUNAK DANCER. Tunak tunak tunak tunak tunak tunak tunak tunak da da da.


Wait- what? Aditya’s crying?!??


Oh no! Aditya, please don’t cry. I did not mean anything offensively at all. After all…

to be an amazing dancer. 🙂 Here, here, here’s a smoothie. Oh yay you’re happy now. 😀



Oscars: The Selena Gomez Fanboy, the Rocker, the Teudocrator

Anush is the number one pure Selena Gomez fan. Just look at his ePortfolio.


Anush is, obviously, the PURE ROCKER. Oh yeah. Tan tan tan tan. He can rock like a bear and he can rock like a normal I Poo Everyday dude.

Here I poo…poo with me. -Anush


However, Anush deserves one special honorary award. For he is special. OK, everyone here is special in someway but he is very unique. Therefore, I present him with the special KIS2017 title of teudocrator.

It is the only thing someone would ever want- Taylor Mali

I would like to give no further explanation about this curious title other than that quote. However, everyone should give Anush a pat in the back for receiving this special award. Remember- the person who is most unique gets the most reward for it. And, with that, let’s move on, but take all the time you want to gasp at this awe-inspiring figure. But wait, just before we ago, I have a special question for Anush- what part of the plant does a leaf vegetable come from?


Oscars: The Heavy Gamer

Yes, Bpok is the EXTREME heavy gamer. Let’s roll!



 She is the total MOST DRAMATIC person in the whole wide galaxy. Seriously. Even when eating ice cream, which is a time people should be quiet, content and mellow, she is dramatic.

OOHWOWICECREAM- Credits: Larissa

Well, Ekna, I know you think you’re not dramatic at all but admit it, it’s the truth. Seriously. I mean, have you ever seen anyone in this class scream and shout the way you do? Or running around tickling people? Or just being plain dramatic? Not quite.

AY YAIY YAIY. I am da dramatica person you knaw

อุ๊ยว๊ายตายกรี๊ด จิ้งจก!

And Ekna has the most amazing (and particularly annoying) laughter in the whole galaxy.



Oscars: The Amazing Korean



OK, I meant the other Korea.


OSCARS: Amazing buttface, gigantic appetite

She has the most amazing buttface in the whole world. (Yes, excuse my direct translation of หน้าตูด). This face is rather all purpose- she can use it when she’s angry, when she’s sad, when she’s kinda happy, etc.


She is also the person with the largest appetite in the whole school. She can take in the appetizer, salad, main dish, dessert, and then a full gallon of drink.



Oscars: The Ear-Shattering SInger

“WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT….!!!!” <window breaks>



Oscars: the fashionable hairstyle and most handsome, the band founder

Indy has the best hairstyle in the class. Also, he is the most handsome person in the world. Yes. He dazzles all the crowds and walks around like a celebrity. Even Nadech cannot withstand his presence.

Oh yes, my dear…

im handsome and i know it

And anyway, Indy founded WaRLoZk, the KIS2017 Band. This is no mean feat as it shows KIS2017’s talent and so let’s all congratulate him!

Let’s rock, peeps!


Oscars: The KIS2017 Singer

Iya sings awesomely for WaRLoZk, so I declare him the official KIS2017 singer.


Oscars: The Guitarist, the Serious

Jacky’s a guitarist (and he knows it). Da-tan-da-tan. It’s just too bad he doesn’t sing too.

in love

 Jacky is also an amazingly serious person. He’s so serious anyone would think his brain would have exploded by now. He’s serious all day and he’s serious in his dreams. OK, I don’t really know, but it’s ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ isn’t it?


Oscars: The Cheerful, the Savior of 7A Homeroom

We all like cheeriness. It’s better than grumbling old people who don’t have anything better to do than complain. And Jerry’s cheerful and enthusiastic, and that’s what everyone should be. Happiness is certainly a characteristic of G7 😀


Also, he’s what makes 7A homeroom the best.


Oscars: Korean Dancer, Lakorn Fanboy, Abbaew, Rollercoaster Enthusiast

Jopang dances to Korean music. Why? Well, he’s a Korean dancer!

OOPS! It was a wrong image, sorree, I mean the MODERN kind of dancing, not the traditional one. Jopang, don’t be like Aditya, don’t cry. Oh right- he can abbaew, so it’s no worries! 😀


OK, Jopang, just to cheer you up anyway, I’ll give you some THAI SOAP OPERA to watch! 😀 Isn’t that just totally fantastic?

And, to top it all off, since you’re Thailand’s number #1 roller coaster enthusiast and wannabe designer, I’LL GIVE YOU A RIDE ON A ROLLERCOASTER!



Note: Ken’s oscars are given and written by Mint. Ken, however, kinda regrets this decision.

Oscars: The Popular Songs Guy, the WordPress Fanatic, Holy Dictator

The guy that likes to make up songs from popular songs in our class. That’s Ken. When the song “Sexy and I know it” became popular in our class Ken started making “pastiches” of the song, such as:

 When I walk into homeroom this is what I see

Mr Darryl stops and screams at me.

I got homework in my bag and I ain’t afraid to burn it, burn it, burn it

I’m (Larissa walks in the room) Lala and I know it!

He is also a WordPress fanatic. Always argues with Mint over to choose wordpress instead of blogger. He also believes that dinosaurs were made up by the CIA to discourage time travel. [Erm Mint]

OK Mint, it was just a status, okay…?

The holy dictator of the class. Everyone calls him a dictator, but Mr Darryl wants to be one but he really is one, so Ken is technically PART dictator.


 Proof that he is a dictator: Miss puk once set ken as temporary teacher for ICT class when she’s gone, that proves it he is a holy leader/dictator.


Oscars: The Einstein, the Deeply Cool Person

Kuldeep is reincarnated Einstein. Just look at his ePortfolio and you’ll understand why.

And, like his name suggests, he’s a deeply cool person. He’s cool in many ways, and his brilliance is so great it would take too long to discuss here.

OK guys, I’m sorry for the corniness of this but I just had to do it. 😛


Oscars: The NORW! Girl, the Person Who Thinks She is Innocent But In Reality is Far From It, the Ganges Fanatic

First, let’s discuss the Australian accent. When you want something to sound even just remotely Australian, you put in the ‘r’ sounds. Yes becomes YERS!, hey becomes HERY!, and so on. Practice it yourself with the following names: Jacky, Indy, Pun Pun, Rajat, Paan, etc.

Anyway, Larissa hearts the Australian accent. And she’s taken it to a whole new level- add in a letter that shouldn’t even be in there- the ‘w’! With this, you get the NORW!

NORWAY! Lol yet another of Ken’s corny jokes. Aren’t you fabulously happy by now?

Larissa thinks she’s innocent but in reality is far from it. When you’re innocent, you don’t know that you’re innocent. But, Larissa knows that she’s perfectly innocent. So…

im innocent OK?

Anyway, how can someone be innocent when they’re fanatics of the Ganges river in India? No one really understands, but Larissa is simply awe-strucken and fascinated by the Ganges river. She seems to be able to talk about it day and night. She also seems to be really interested in the ceremonies that happen there… perhaps she’d like to try it for herself.

Ganges, the literally holy river in India


Oscars: Linkin Park Fanclub, I Love One Piece! 

He complained last time that he also likes Linkin Park, not just Team Avatar, so here ya go Pim- Mimmi.

 Also, Mimmi has inspired a two-person wide love in the swimming commercial show One Piece.



Oscars: The Photo Editor, the Collector of Kru Fah’s Notes

Mint loves editing photos. She cannot sit still without editing the picture. If she doesn’t have Photoshop at hand she’ll still try to bite her way into the computer so she can use a traditional paintbrush and draw on it instead.


Mint has a hobby of collecting things. What does she collect? Well…Kru Fah’s late notes.


Hello everyone! G7 was a fabulous year, and we can sum it all up in this PICTURE OF THE YEAR:


Oscars: The Teddybear, Anime Geek, Windows Master

Full credits to Aditya and Mint for the following oscar.

Niki is, obviously, the ultimate anime lover of the class. Passions don’t die.

[imagine an anime pic here- you know what it looks like]

Finally, Niki is the undisputable Windows master of this class. Does he worship Bill Gates? We’ll never know. However, he is the ultimate Windows user, we can be sure of that.


Oscars: Min Worshipper, the Miss Teudish 2012

Paan worships Min. Is Min Iya? Quite possibly. So, according to the logic, Paan worships Iya.

He’s holy. To Paan.

Paan wins this year’s Miss Teudish Award 2012. Congratulations. We all know why she deserves this. Although she isn’t ‘unique’ enough to receive the title of Teudocrator (which went to Anush), we still think she deserves a shout-out for her amazingness.

Paan at the Miss Teudish Fair 2012


Oscars: The Tall and Graceful, the Pun Pun Imitator

Pat, after all these years, is still the tallest in this class. Yes, there are people that have come closer to taking the spot but still he’s King.

Approximate height

Pat has recently been fascinated by Pun Pun’s use of fingers while taking photos. And so, he’s now imitated it for himself? (or should i use the word ‘pastiche).

ain’t i cute


Oscars: The Most Awesome Person in the Whole Galaxy

On term 1’s oscars:

Well, that is true eh? Peter’s a pretty awesome guy and it wouldn’t be stretching it too much to conclude that he’s the most awesome person in the whole galaxy. Congratulations, Peter, it’s official– in the Milky Way, there is no one as awesome as you.


Oscars: The One Piece Maniac, the Obsession Girl

Even more than triple M, she is the real One Piece fan. She can literally rant and rave about it the whole day.

And, as we’ve noticed over the years, Por is easily obsessed. Wait- wasn’t it just 2 terms ago that she was crazily obsessed with Team Avatar? Now, she’s obsessed with One Piece and other stuff. So, Por gets the obsession award! 😀


Oscars: Lover of Dictations, Best Lab Report (a special Mr Brian oscar!)

Praew loves dictations. What are dictations? They’re ‘spelling tests’ in Mandarin class, except you have them every day and it’s all in Mandarin. Praew really enjoys them, and looks forward to it every single minute of her life.

Now, here’s a special oscar awarded from Mr Brian himself. Praew is the best lab report writer of this term. Congratulations! <fanfare>


Oscars: The Evergrowing Hair Girl, “I Set Fire to the Rain!”

We all know that Pun Pun’s hair seems to be evergrowing hair…it never gets shorter.

Give me shampoo, please. Oh, and please wait for another 5.5 hours before you can use the bathroom.

Pun Pun set fire to the rain. Literally, not just the song. It rained. She got a candle, lit it, ran outside the house, and shouted out the famous lyrics. Is that crazy or what? 😛


Oscars: The Forever Jook, the Ultimate ManU Fan

Rajat has a reputation as the forever Jook. He shall forever be hailed as the holy man of the class.

As the football watchers of the class would know, Rajat is the ultimate Manchester United fan in this class. ManU FTW!


Oscars: The Fruit Juice Lover, the ‘Mysterious Disappearances’ Girl

Serena loves fruit juice. You know, punch, orange, all those nice fruits. NO pun intended AT ALL. 🙂


Serena can also ‘mysteriously’ disappear when there is a Mandarin reading comprehension test, a Mandarin oral test, a Mandarin writing task, etc. Is she invisible? Is she magical like Harry Potter? Can she shrink herself? We’ll never know.


Oscars: ‘Sawasdee Ka’, Evil Laugher

‘Sawasdee’ is, as most of us (hopefully) knows, Thailand’s local greeting. And it’s in all those Amazing Thailand campaigns where you’ll see people going around Sawasdeeing people. Sign loves those kind of stuff. Why? Because she does it too! 😀


Ekna, as we know, is the person who laughs the most. But the person with the most horrendous cackling is Sign. Yes, ‘MUA HA HA HA HA HA.’ Oh wait, in Sign’s version it’s ‘MUA HUA HUA HUA HUA’.

Sign is the person to the far right. Oh wait, or is she Grandpa Cream/Dr Evil?


Oscars: The Doraemonian, the “We Are Young” Guy

Turbo is the DORAEMONIAN. He can rant and rave about it for 3 months straight without a pause. Yes, he’s in love with ชิซึกะ.

Turbo is also a gigantic fan of something quite unrelated- the song We Are Young. Seriously. He can sing it all the time. Just a few minutes before I wrote this oscar, the song was on in his laptop.


Oscars: The Steve Jobs

Will is the Steve Jobs of the KIS2017.

We’re here to put the dent in the universe. Why else even be here? -Steve Jobs

Why is Will a KIS2017 version of the Apple co-founder? Well, for a number of reasons. First, he LOVES all the three Macs he has. And Steve Jobs certainly LOVED his products.

Also, he is brilliantly creative and innovative. Therefore, Will is the Steve Jobs of KIS2017.


Oscars: The Secret Agent, the Best Teacher Ever (a special Mr Brian oscar!)

(Although World War 2 ended nearly 7 decades ago) Mr Brian is the head secret agent in the British SOE.

Also, as awarded by himself, Mr Brian is the best teacher ever. We agree to that, and so we’ve decided to present him with this oscar.


Oscars: Augustus Caesar Imperator of KIS2017

The emperor who all respects. The lord who all worships. The great man who is placed in a venerable and holy position and shall not be violated. The wise protector of all knowledge. The great commander of twenty eight legionaries. The Caesar of KIS2017.

Yes, everyone, this is Holy Lord Darryl. He is held in extreme respect by the whole nation of KIS2017, and none will spare their own lives to protect him from all danger (eg. math).

O Sacred Guiding Light- Ave Darryl Caesar Imperator!

We shall remember the memories the days of His Most Humanitish and Brilliant Holy Lord Darryl. He is the eternal dear class leader forever.

 Well everyone, we’ve reached the end of this term’s oscars. Special thanks to Mint for some of the pictures. G7 was certainly no boring year (well it isn’t like there are a lot of boring moments in this class anyway) and everyone’s personalities shined. Thank you for making G7 an amazingly awesome year, and G8 will hopefully be even more awesome! I hope you enjoyed this year’s oscars, and like what I always say, please use the comments feature below to give your opinion.

Thank you!

-Ken, “KIS Class of 2017 Forever!”

And by the way, THUMB UP comments, guys. Stop being so negativist ;).


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  2. Just remember that HTTYD never died. I’M JUST WAITING FOR THE TENTH BOOK AND THE TV SHOW! And yes, Avatar has ended. But the Legend of Korra hasn’t! It’s not that big of an obsession though. One Piece, aw yeah. Coming soon: Castle(Adi will like that)

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